Siliwangi – The Painter Series

Digital C-Print on photo paper

80 x 60 cm (size without frame)




Actual artwork will be framed | Edition 1 of 3


The painter series

 This series of works is an attempt to ‘paint’ the city, imagining the present and the future of Bandung through a different perspective. During the pandemic, the government implemented PSBB. PSBB is a government policy on preventing the transmission of the COVID-19 virus by limiting people’s mobility.

The most visible impact of the policy on the city is the loss of its busyness and dynamic. The busy streets and crowded city corners, now deserted. The usual traffic jam in certain hours in several spots no longer exists. On the bright side, all this limitation gave a whole new interpretation, which is a pause from the busy life, the freedom to think and see our surroundings differently.

I paint the quiet and empty city space with words. These words are mantras, prayers, hope, statements, questions, or even jokes about our current situation.


Meicy Sitorus (b.1984), graduated from Industrial Design at Arts and Design Faculty in Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB). She has big interest in photography, involved in several photography workshop and has done photography exhibitions.
The photography works that she produced are focusing on a follow up on personal matters, usually associated with memory, time, and history. Photography is not just a medium of work and a documentation tool; it is one of the ways to establish communication with her surrounding. It is also a tool to help her researching and simple mapping to support the process, which is influenced by her background in design.
Currently working as a freelance photographer as well as graphic designer. In 2013, founded a duo called ‘Tetangga Pak Gesang’ with Arum Tresnaningtyas Dayuputri and has been actively performing around Indonesia ever since, as a sideline project alongside her main passion, photography.